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As a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator I work mainly with people who want to explore their sexuality - either because there is an issue they want to resolve or just because they are curious and think, there must be "more".
What I find so fascinating about sexuality is, that it's one of those "vertical" topics - it touches on so many central areas of our being - our self-love, our body image, our gender identification, our sexual orientation,, our body awareness, our deep longing for connection and intimacy, our capacity for cultivating pleasure, our courage to own our desires, our capacatiy to say yes and no and set boundaries - the list goes on.

And yet in many contexts sexuality is excluded when we talk about ourselves. when we express ourselves. There often is no language, there is shame, we don't have a culture tp explore this topic outside our romantic relationships, where it's difficult to really focus on yourself - as in this setting it's always already a relationship thing.

In my sessions I offer my clients a space of exploration, a space of permission to discover who you are as a sexual and human being.

UZAZU has given me the tools to incorporate a wider range of topics in my coaching and to approach a topic from more angles, What's so exceptional about UZAZU as a modality (amongst other things) is, that it allows you to track whatever issue you want to work with simultanously in your body, mind and awareness and to work with all these elements in a system that makes sense. How do your stories play out in your body? How do your sensations and emotions inform the theories you come up with about your life and yourself and how can we work and play with all those elements in a safe enough container?

I am based in Berlin, Germany where I live with my partner within a polyarmorous network. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to work on our own stuff but that the ultimate goal is to build communities and to contribute to a more just and joyful society.

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    English, German
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    Somatic Coach, (Sexological) Bodyworker, Massage Therapist
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    Sexological Bodywork‚Ą†, Massage Therapy, Wheel of Consent

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