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Professionals and creatives hire me to help them trust their bigger vision, sequence their present priorities, and achieve a flow that balances work and play. The stand I take for my clients comes down to one thing: living your epic life .


✅ Discover your deeper value and intrinsic worth beyond imposter syndrome
✅ Transform beliefs that limit success with fitness, marriage, money and bold choices
✅ Structure and sequence your visionary projects, offers, creations, curriculum and content
✅ Develop unique embodied signature systems to expand your visibility, clarity and confidence

My support for your movement forward is free of agenda, spacious for all part of you, and a catalyst for aligned action.

What is calling you?

My clients have included CEOs and PhDs and Artists who needed to reclaim their power and joy and agency, husbands who decided to uplevel their work-marriage balance, wives who wanted to own new levels of leadership, and many others who all had one thing in common: they wanted to know themselves as whole and unbroken and have the energy to do what truly mattered.

If anything is holding you back, it can be noticed, named and changed with embodied coaching and facilitation.

Whatever has stopped you in the past does not need to stop you in the future.
The present is here, in your hands, a breath and a choice away.

It's easy to put change off into the future. I've done that. It took me 9 years to say yes to a powerful calling. Then something shifted and I leapt in with all my heart. I'm glad I did, and my life and contribution have been an adventure worth living ever since.

You can trust me to be me, and bring all my tools and care and heart to support you. Imagine trusting yourself more. What would change? What wouldn't?

Working with me is a process of saying yes to yourself, recognizing your strengths and claiming the strengths hidden by weakness. Rather than fixing you, you get the space to uplift you.

To get started, schedule a Being EPIC consult:

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    Founder, Creator, Husband facilitating Clarity and Flow for Visionaries on the Move

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