Take your capacity to facilitate embodied transformation to the next level!

The UZAZU Embodied Intelligence 9-Month Practitioner Certification Training

with UZAZU Founder & Lead Trainer Dylan Newcomb and Co-Trainer Deb Grant, LCSW & RSMT

This training begins on March 2, 2022 and is limited to 36 participants, so if you are seriously interested, it's better to submit your applications early and reserve your spot.

Dear Fellow Helping Professionals,

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because we both share the desire to help others overcome their challenges and create extraordinary lives of joy, ease, love, and purpose—and—we believe that skillfully working with the body in this process is KEY to catalyzing the deeper-level, more lasting change we seek for our clients—and for ourselves.

After 19 years of evolving this modality, I'm thrilled to share with you this invitation to apply for the third cohort of the 9-month UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Practitioner Training, starting March 2nd, 2022.

This training is open to coaches, therapists, & other helping professionals who have already completed the UZAZU Foundations Training (in either the 3-day online, live in-person workshop, or 7-Week online format), and who are eager to benefit personally from this deep embodied work, as well as professionally by learning how to become a highly effective facilitator of embodied change, across all areas of their clients’ lives.

With a mix of engaging online content, comprehensive support materials, highly interactive online classes, and 1-1 sessions, with myself or co-trainer Deb Grant as well as with another Certified UZAZU practitioner, and two 5-day intensive live trainings (one online, and one in-person, in Maine USA), this 9-month comprehensive training is a rich, journey of personal & professional development.

I encourage you to read on below and learn more about this unique training. And, if it strongly resonates for you, and you meet (or could plan to meet) the basic requirements, then go ahead and fill out the application so we can talk personally, discuss any questions you might have, and see if we both sense that it's indeed a good fit for you, at this stage in your journey!

Yours in embodied transformation,
Dylan Newcomb

You’re an ideal candidate for this training if:

  • You’re EITHER already a professional coach, therapist, or social worker, and you’re looking for a way to bring more deeply embodied, transformational interventions into your work with clients—in a way that can easily integrate with your current, more talk-centered methods...
  • OR, You’re a professional coach, therapist, or social worker who's already trained in one or more somatic methods, but you feel motivated to take your embodied change-facilitation knowledge & skills to the next level by being better able to assess, understand and help transform your client’s mental-emotional-behavioral challenges at a deep neurobiological level—across a more full spectrum of personal, professional and relational contexts.
  • You are already working with private clients, so you'll be able to easily start applying the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence change-facilitation techniques you learn throughout the training. (This is a key requirement—you must already have at least some experience in working 1-1 with clients.)
  • You’ve already taken the UZAZU Foundations Professional Training—either live online, in person, or via the pre-recorded online version (this is about 18-20 hours of training, depending on the version.) This introductory training is the foundation this certification training builds (much) further on.
  • You value the opportunity to be a participating member of an interactive, supportive cohort of practitioners-in-training, as you go through this highly interactive certification program. And, you'd be excited to take active part in your own, small learning pod, and engage & share with the whole group as you go along. (UZAZU is a highly RELATIONAL modality, as embodied living in the world is an inherently relational process!)
  • You are passionate about your own ongoing personal development and would welcome the opportunity to be supported in practicing and working with UZAZU to catalyze your own next stage of growth & integration, in additional to using it professionally with others.

Hear what these Graduates have to Say:

Marion Knox

Certified UZAZU Practioner

Dr. Albert Viljoen

Certified UZAZU Practioner

Marina Bondarenko

Certified UZAZU Practioner

The UZAZU Practitioner Certification Training takes your embodied facilitation skills to the next level. 

This training directly builds on what you've learned in the Foundations Training and then adds significantly more depth, precision and transformational power to each aspect of your embodiment-based knowledge and skills.
As you’ve already learned—or will learn, when you take the UZAZU Foundations Professional Training—a large part of what makes UZAZU especially empowering & useful for helping professionals is its synergy of having a deeply integrated Model, Metric, and Method.

1) The Model weaves a diverse number of models & methods together into a surprisingly simple, intuitive framework that quickly empowers you AND your clients to better "make sense of it all."

2) The Metric builds on this foundation with an integrative assessment, that you can use with your clients, both as an initial evaluation of “where they’re at,” AND as a highly effective teaching tool that helps you and your client be “on the same page.” This powerful tool is also extremely useful as a way of tracking your clients’ progress. 

3) The Method provides easy-to-learn & use embodied change protocols, and highly targeted "micro-practices" clients can take home and work with to further integrate & grow.

Here's some of the additional depth this training brings you, in each of these three keys areas:

Have an Embodied, Integrated Understanding of:

  • A Spatial-Dimensional, Movement-Based Model of Bio-Psycho-Social Dynamics- This is the main, unique contribution of UZAZU that "ties it all together" and makes it easier to understand & work with other theories in a more embodied way.
  • Theory of Core Affect & Emotions - The "embodied mechanics", essential purpose, and necessity of each of the 8 core emotions.
  • How UZAZU relates to Attachment Patterns - Attachment Styles, attachment wounds, and re-patterning relational dynamics.
  • How UZAZU is informed by Polyvagal Theory - Social Engagement, Nervous System Dysregulation, and Rebalancing.

Learn to Use the Embodied Intelligence AssessmEnt To:

  • Quickly Identify the Core Patterns underlying your clients' various modes of nervous system dysregulation—which are typically very context-dependent.
  • Easily See the Big Picture of how your client's various strengths and imbalances all interrelate and affect each other as one dynamical system.
  • Apply a Simple yet Powerful Developmental Lens to the various integration challenges holding your client's growth back.
  • Have a Direct Path from Assessment to Intervention so you can move right from discovery and understanding into highly targeted embodied change-work.
  • Track the Growth and Evolution of your clients over time, as they work with you, so you can BOTH more easily see & appreciate the progress being made, and identify useful next steps.

Use UZAZU's Specific Embodiment Protocols to Help Clients:

  • Cultivate Deeper Awareness of a Full-Spectrum of States so they can quickly gain a more complete sense & felt understanding of how they currently act, feel, connect, share, self-express, collaborate, etc.
  • Feel & Learn about their Imbalanced States so they can easily recognize & shift them, in the flow of daily life.
  • Understand & Work Skillfully with Each of the 8 Core Emotions so they can SHIFT from being a "victim" of their emotional states into working purposefully & skillfully WITH them.
  • Re-pattern Deep-Set Conditioning at a core level, so they become free to naturally respond with their full embodied intelligence in each moment.
  • Have Specific Take-Home Practices  your clients can easily learn & do on their own to further cultivate their integration around specific themes & dynamics. (This is highly empowering.) 

Imagine having an effective, deeply embodied way to help your clients quickly and fully THRIVE in their personal & professional lives.

What Coaches & Therapists are Saying about UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

Comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable for clients

As a body-oriented psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of trauma over the past 25 years, I have been impressed by the potency of UZAZU as a catalyst for transformative change. Comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable for clients, UZAZU helps me to facilitate changes in therapy sessions that happen quickly and have lasting impact. Over the past few years, I have been applying this powerful modality both as a stand-alone approach to working with clients, and as an integrative tool for bringing together my other skills and ways of working. I highly recommend UZAZU as an effective yet sophisticated mind-follows-body modality for therapists and coaches to add to their toolbox. Actually, you will have a whole new toolbox!

Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT  Psychotherapist & Somatic Movement Educator, UZAZU Master Co-trainer & Clinical Consultant

Learning and personal growth that otherwise can take months...

In less than one hour, UZAZU gives my clients the learning and personal growth that otherwise can take months. ….they come out the other side with radical awareness and alignment. It’s a fantastic way to help them gain insight and move through personal challenges.

ALEX IGLECIA — Founder: Being Epic, Life Coach,
Certified UZAZU Practitioner

It gave me a valuable set of new tools, right from the beginning!

I’ve been working as a psychotherapist, coach, and business-trainer for 25 years. My knowledge of UZAZU now provides me a powerful foundation that allows me to connect and strengthen the efficiency of all the other methods I use (which includes Constellations, Gestalt Therapy, working with Metaphoric Cards, Body-mind work, etc.) UZAZU is simple and yet very deep and wide at the same time. It allows fast and accurate diagnostics and it supports me to work with different layers and levels (the body-level, belief systems, relationship dynamics, business, etc.) It gave me a valuable set of new tools right from the beginning, while further immersion in this method seems to open up endless fields of new opportunities—including for my own self-growth! I highly recommend UZAZU as a very effective, well-formed system for all kinds of helping professionals.

MARINA BONDARENKO  — Founder: Being Epic, Life Coach,
Certified UZAZU Practitioner

a robust model to help myself and my clients with complex challenges

The UZAZU practitioner certification training is one of the most comprehensive, structured embodiment training courses I have found to date. You can start using the system in its simplest form from day one, and yet, the complexity keeps evolving, allowing for a robust model to help myself and my clients with complex challenges. 

Albert Viljoen  —  Coach, Certified UZAZU Practitioner

I’m just not triggered by “stuff” the way I used to be...

I’ve waited my whole life to find UZAZU…and for it to find me. It’s the first modality I’ve found that directly integrates simple, intuitive body-based practices with cognitive processing and mindfulness/awareness practice to shift and transform energy and thought patterns that have remained deeply lodged in my system, despite my best efforts and intentions to move through them. My deep-seated sense of trauma-based “urgency” has all-but evaporated. I’m just not triggered by “stuff” the way I used to be, and when I am, I have a way of working with it that’s immediate and effective. And I feel more engaged with my purpose than ever before. UZAZU is “the whole enchilada.”

Natasha SaLvo    E-Learning Consultant,

Certified UZAZU Practitioner

blown away by the richness & depth of the approach and the practices

I chose to do this certification program to deepen my somatic intelligence skills to complement my Ontological Coaching. I am absolutely blown away by the richness and depth of the approach and the practices that go with it. I see many ways to use this in my practice. To boot, Dylan is a masterful teacher and facilitator, making the program even richer.

GRAHAM SMALLE — Coach and Facilitator (Life, Leadership, and Innovation), Certified UZAZU Practitioner

An Overview of the Certification Training

This 9-month in-depth training is structured in five phases.

Phase 1: Deeply Embodying States & Facilitating Effective State Re-Patterning

WHERE: Live Online Zoom Sessions, Some Videos & At Home Practice

WHEN: Wed. Mar. 3 - Wed. Jun. 1. Each Wednesday, 1:00pm EST - 3:00pm EST (USA, NYC time) (Pods schedule amongst themselves)

WHAT: 14 Two-Hour Wednesday Sessions, Weekly 1-Hour Pod Meetings, Light Weekly Homework, 12 required 1-1 Sessions with practice clients & completing Reflection Forms on them

Phase 1 of this comprehensive training has a dual focus...

First, it supports and empowers YOU to personally deepen your own self-awareness, depth of embodiment, integration, ease, and natural JOY. A foundational aspect of helping you master the UZAZU method of embodied change facilitation work is to ensure you can deeply embody its principles, movements, and states yourself—from the inside out! This personal deep dive, in addition to all the direct benefits to you in your own life, will prepare you to start to work with others from a new level of self-awareness & self-embodiment, a deeper comfort & empathy with their various states, enhanced 'expert intuition', and more natural confidence.

Second, Phase 1 lays the foundation for building your facilitation skills to work effectively with others in an embodied way. This includes learning and practicing the 4 Core Elements of UZAZU Facilitation: 1) It helps you deepen your skills using all the basic UZAZU practices and guided change processes (including several not taught in th Foundations Training); learning how to skillfully & impactfully flow between words/dialogue and movement in your sessions; and having insight-generating conversations with clients about their UZAZU Self-Assessment results.

During this phase, you will also begin working in learning pods with your peers—to practice your new UZAZU facilitation techniques with and to reflect on what you’re learning & experiencing.

Phase 2: 5-Day Intensive One - Practicing the 4 Core Elements of UZAZU Facilitation

WHERE: Two Live Online Zoom Sessions Each Day
WHEN: Mon. Jun. 13 - Fri. Jun. 17. Each Day, 9:30am EST - 12:00pm EST & 1:00pm EST - 3:30pm EST
WHAT: Five Full Days of highly interactive practice & feedback. Minimal new information—this is mostly about embodying it!

For our first live, online 5-day intensive, we'll focus primarily on DEEPENING YOUR EMBODIMENT of the UZAZU postures & movements, attending especially to the fine sensory-motor details of the voice/mouth/vowels, the eyes/visual-focus, the hands, and the overall internal energy flow, This will be supported by direct feedback & coaching on each posture & movement pattern from Dylan & Deb as well as learning how to give each other helpful specific feedback on the posture-embodiment. This will support you in becoming significantly more comfortable & confident embodying all UZAZU’s core elements AND in helping you physically guide & facilitate others in them.

Using the 4 Core Elements of UZAZU Facilitation as a framework, you'll get to practice guiding each other in the deeper embodiment of the postures and movements, analyzing each other's self-assessment patterns, and facilitating UZAZU's core embodied change facilitation practices & protocols. After this intensive, you’ll be amply prepared to start applying your new UZAZU skills more fully with practice clients in Phase 3.

Phase 3: Developing Your Skills in Using UZAZU With Clients

WHERE: Live Online Zoom Sessions, Some Videos & At Home Practice
WHEN: Wed. Jun. 29 - Wed. Jul. 27, (No sessions in August), Wed. Sep. 7 - Wed. Sep. 21. (Pods schedule amongst themselves)
WHAT: 8 Two-Hour Wednesday Sessions, Weekly 1-Hour Pod Meetings, Light Weekly Homework, 12 (additional) required 1-1 Sessions with practice clients & completing Reflection Forms on them

Building on the first online intensive, you'll now start working regularly with clients—both unpaid ‘practice clients” that you recruit, and (if it’s a fit for you) bringing UZAZU more into your current client work. You’ll start regularly filling in reflection forms about your sessions and reporting back to the group about your experiences as you continually deepen and broaden your UZAZU skills.

In Phase Three, you'll refine your skills by interweaving UZAZU’s additional 4 modes of Facilitator-Client Interactions with the Embodied Change Protocols, during a session—which help support your co-create both shared meaning and embodied change. We'll also focus more on how to effectively work in a more holistic way with clients—through further exploring how to optimally sequence your embodied work, both within a session and over multiple sessions. To do this, you’ll learn and practice the process of relating the embodiment work to more & more of the ‘temporal wholeness’ (past, present, and future) of your client’s life-journey. To help in this, you will learn & practice the full 9-Step Embodied Change Process. This  will also support you to weave your own current techniques & modalities into your UZAZU-informed embodied work with clients. As part of this process, you’ll learn more in-depth how to work with the four core Change Processes of Rebalancing, Differentiating, Integrating, and Synergizing, how to apply these core change process to EACH core mode/state, and when which kind of process would be most helpful.

In Phase Three, we'll also introduce The Eight Core Emotional States, and how to work with them to effectively heal and re-pattern past wounds and "unfinished business" around each emotion. You'll also learn to hold and work with each core emotion in its transpersonal form, identifying the core purpose of each emotion—both the "positive" and "negative" ones—and learn how to help it energetically complete what it set out to do. (Note: Resolving unprocessed emotions at the body-level is KEY to deeper integration. This powerful process is often DEEPLY healing and re-energizing for people!)

Phase 4: 5-Day Intensive Two - Practicing Holistic, Whole-Client UZAZU Facilitation

WHERE: Live, in-person, at The Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center in Saco, Maine, USA. Or then again online, if COVID-19 is still a significant concern.

WHEN: Mon. Sep. 26 - Fri. Sep. 30. 9:00am - 12:00pm & 1:30pm - 5:30pm (All EST)

WHAT: Five Full Days of highly interactive practice & feedback. Minimal new information, mostly about embodying it!

For our second intensive, we'll hopefully be together IN PERSON (yay!) in a lovely oceanside retreat center in Maine, USA (close to where both Dylan and Deb live). Here, you’ll deepen your skill-set using the core UZUZU protocols, as well as work more deeply RELATIONALLY, informed by the 9 Core UZAZU Modes. You’ll also continue practicing facilitating emotional-energetic shifts with clients, and working more skillfully using your own authentic body-language, using with the 8 Facilitator-Client Modes of Interaction to masterfully ‘ride the wave’ and ‘be in the dance’ of each moment with your client, as the session unfolds.

We'll focus as well on really "making UZAZU your own"—supporting you to integrate your new UZAZU skills with your pre-existing knowledge and skills—so you can more deeply own & integrate these patterns & processes into the wholeness of how YOU are currently and most wanting to work with YOUR clients.

You’ll also receive live facilitation-session feedback from Dylan and Deb (‘hot-seats’) to bring supportive attention to any aspects of your facilitation you might be able to improve on and help ensure you’re working at more of your full potential, with clients.

Note: Due to the ongoing instability related to COVID-19 across different countries, this 2nd intensive will very hopefully be live, rather than online. However, we MAY choose to shift it back to fully online, as we have successfully done for the past two years. 

Phase 5: Integrating UZAZU into YOUR Practice, and Ongoing Process Support

WHERE: Live Online Zoom Sessions, Some Videos & At Home Practice

WHEN: Wed. Oct. 12 - Wed. Dec. 14. Each Wednesday, 1:00pm EST - 3:00pm EST (Pods schedule amongst themselves)

WHAT: 10 Two-Hour Wednesday Sessions, Weekly 1-Hour Pod Meetings, 12 (additional) required 1-1 Sessions with practice clients & completing Reflection Forms on them, Your 'Integration / Application Project’ & Presentation

Having gained experience, skill, and confidence in facilitating each of the specific state-shift practices and re-patterning protocols, it's now time to hold space for the larger arc and journey of working with clients, also now including learning how to conduct effective Discovery Sessions with prospective clients (andintrgaret your UZAZU knowledge and the online Free Self-Assessment into that process) and how to sequence a developmentally informed re-patterning process that’s suited to each unique client, over the course of weeks and months.

In this final phase, much of the focus will be on applying what you've learned to YOUR current client base (your main demographic(s) and main kind of issues you tend to work on), reporting back, and getting useful feedback & support, as you organically deepen your skill.

Importantly, in this final phase, you will also take on a small ‘Integration / Application Project’ of picking a topic, issue, and/or specific population that's highly relevant and interesting to your personally, and work on how you can integrate & apply UZAZU with it. Each participant then presents their projects finding & experiences to the group, in a approx. 30-min presentation of guided group experience. Please Note: These personal projects have proven tremendously energizing and inspiring for participants, sparking much creativity, engagement, and interest in each other’s applications! It’s a great way to really jumpstart the process of really making UZAZU ‘your own’ and integrating it into your own work.

Coursework Requirements & Time Commitments

During the 3 Online Phases: 5-6 hours a week, on average

  • 2-hour Online Live Sessions every week with Dylan & Deb. Synergizing a dual-focus on personal integration and professional application, these live sessions are highly interactive & engaging. Everyone is required to attend at least 75% of these sessions LIVE.  You must catch up afterward via replay, within a few days, when you can't attend live.
  • Weekly 1-hour Learning Pod Practice Sessions. These private groups of 4 will self-schedule and meet weekly as per your group's best time slots, during phases 1, 3 and 5. The work you do together in these pods is a KEY aspect of what will feed and support your learning & integration, throughout the training. Insights, experiences and questions emerging from your small group will often be fed back into the larger group. Everyone is required to attend at least 75% of their Pod's meetings. (These Pods often keep voluntarily meeting & supporting each other, even after the training is finished...!)
  • About 30-60 minutes weekly of personal UZAZU practice, related to your coursework: Watching videos & taking notes, reading, writing, reflecting, and personal UZAZU practice. Periodic, short formative assessments help ensure you are acquiring all the key concepts and skills, as the training progresses.
  • Experiencing 6 Private UZAZU Sessions directly yourself. A key requirement of becoming certified in this approach is to have experienced it directly yourself at a deep, personal level. And so having a minimum of 6 private sessions—3 with one of the lead trainers, Dylan Newcomb or Deb Grant, and 3 with a Certified UZAZU Practitioner (who will be carefully selected for you), spread throughout your 9-month journey, is built into the cost of the training. (Note: An additional $800 course discount is available, on top of any early-bird discount, for those who have already done 6 or more UZAZU sessions directly with Dylan or Deb within the past 3 years, and therefore have already completed this requirement.)
  • Conducting UZAZU-based sessions with practice clients on a regular basis, during phases 1, 3 & 5. In each of the online phases (1, 3, 5) you're required to conduct a minimum of twelve 45+min sessions with practice clients. (By phase 5, these could also be your own regular paid clients as well—up to you.) For each session, you'll complete an online reflection-form that will help you maximize your learning and help us track your progress & support you. (Participants tend to find this process surprisingly helpful!)
  • During the two 5-Day Live Intensives: These are full days, so plan to block these days fully off from other work! Live Intensive 1 will run each day 9:30am - 3:30pm, USA/EST, with a 1-hour lunch break. Real-time attendance to at least 80% of this live intensive is required. Live Intensive 2 will be in person in Saco Maine, USA. It's Mon-Fri, arriving on the Sunday and leaving later Friday or early Saturday. Full, in-person live attendance is required.

In summary—this training will take regular, consistent time and effort on your part. We've made it that way on purpose, and we help hold you accountable to it along the way so you don't slip behind. This is for good reason: As long-time body-based professionals, we know that significant, deeply embodied learning is a slow, gradual, iterative (and layered) process. You can't 'cram in' embodied learning at the last minute.

We're not interested in just giving you lots of 'interesting theories & information' about embodiment here (though you will inevitably get that too.) We've designed this learning journey for deep, impactful transformation, learning, and solid skill-building. Multiple feedback loops and modes of interaction with each other and the content help ensure no one gets left behind, and everyone graduates with a deeply embodied set of skills that will serve them for life.

We're here to support you all the way in this journey. Just be sure you know what you're committing to, so YOU can show up and really take advantage of this special opportunity.

From Dylan's own Private Clients...

Robin Reinach - Writer, Producer, Investor

Things happen when I work with Dylan. Engaging body, mind and spirit simultaneously, his integrated approach is fast and deep. UZAZU offers a doorway into quick yet profound healing work, and Dylan has been an amazing guide and companion as my journey unfolds. Our work together has helped me experience joy and amplified my own potential to step forward powerfully in life.

Rob Scott - Life Coach & Marketer

Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Kris Montigny - Yoga Teacher

Dylan and UZAZU are both so unique, I hardly know where to start! Working with Dylan is a joyous adventure into myself and my personal transformation. Our sessions together have brought me to new levels of personal awareness and evolution that would not have been available to me otherwise. His wise, gentle and insightful guidance has been invaluable.

When you complete this training, you'll be able to:

Accurately Assess & More Fully Understand Your Client's Overall Pattern Dynamics

With the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment and facilitation questions, you'll have a way to quickly get a clear, holistic understanding of how your client's  internal stresses & limiting behaviors are all interconnected.

Facilitate Shifts with Each of the 8 Core Emotions

Each of the core emotions (sadness, disgust, fear, anger, care, play, lust, joy) has an important function & role to play in our overall wholeness and wellbeing. You'll learn how to bring yourself and others into the most constructive, nurturing embodiment of each of these core emotions.

Identify and Transform Core Limiting Beliefs thru the Body

Using UZAZU's comprehensive library of limiting and empowering Belief Statements, together with powerful protocols that activate the unconscious layers of the bodymind, you'll be able to identify and transform the belief layer of any given pattern, in a way that lasts.

Catalyze the Next level of Your Own Personal Development

More than anything else, it's our own deeper 'blind spots' & shadows that hold back our next wave of growth. Through this 10-month journey, you'll have the opportunity to systematically discover and transform your own lingering unprocessed emotions and unconscious limiting beliefs and relational dynamics.

Master Using UZAZU's 9 Core Modes, Postures, and Embodied States

Learning, embodying, and facilitating change using the 9 core modes & postures of UZAZU at a deep level, you'll have a complete embodied framework & toolset that empowers you to help your clients move through most any challenge they're facing.

Learn to Use the 5-Step Embodied Change Sequence, to facilitate deep, integrated transformation

Use the 5-Step Embodied Change Sequence (at a much deeper level than in the Foundations Training) to help clients: identify their key, underlying issues, within the context of their overall life/journey, establish a clear & motivating sense of direction, experience deep shifts of core embodied patterns & beliefs, and then effectively apply & integrate these shifts into their daily lives.

Are you Interested to Apply?

Follow these Steps to Secure Your Place!

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure ample individual attention & support, as well as helping foster a close, supportive group, this training will be limited to 36 experienced helping professionals. We expect it to fill up before January 2022. So if you already know you're highly interested, we encourage you to to submit your application sooner than later and reserve your spot!

Get Started and Submit Your Application Now!

If you're a trained coach, therapist, or other helping professional who feels called to take your embodied change-facilitation skills to the next level, and you've already taken & completed the live or online UZAZU Professional Foundations Training in embodying the core elements of UZAZU and using them with clients, then I encourage you to fill out & submit your Certification Training application!

Once you've submitted your application, then I look forward to then speaking with you personally and exploring together if this training is indeed a great fit for you!

Warmly, Dylan Newcomb

Choose the Plan that's Right for You

Make sure you've completed application and had a call with Dylan before paying. Then, select whether you'd prefer to pay all at once or monthly.

The Early-bird Discount of 10% saves you $800 and expires January 31st.
If you've not yet taken the prerequisite Foundations Training, you can sign up directly for the Certification Training, and we will give you access to the live 3-Day Foundations Training, starting this Jan. 20, for FREE.
If you've just recently completed the 7-Week Foundations Training, you are eligible to us the super early-bird discount of 20%, thru Jan. 2.
Receive a Complete Refund within the First 30 Days, if you...

fully complete the first two weeks (modules) of the certification course and are feeling it's just not a fit for you right now, for whatever reason. Just send us email and we'll refund your entire payment, no questions asked. (We just require that you give it a real try first ;-) )

When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically

This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration.

Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP — President Emeritus of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

The Certification Training FAQ

If your question isn't answered here below, you can email Dylan directly at dylan.newcomb@uzazu.org.

Do I need to have any prior experience or training in UZAZU, before joining this training?

Is there a way I can experience UZAZU beforehand, and discover if this is a good fit for me?

WHERE are the two 5-Day Live Intensives held, and are those costs fully included in the Training price?

What if I can't make it live to the online sessions, or to one of the retreats?

Do I automatically become certified, by completing the whole training, or...?

What can I do & not do with my certification?

Do I have to have to regularly renew my certification status?

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