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"I take consistent, assertive action towards the things I’m interested in & passionate about.”

Related topics include: Intrinsic Motivation, Trusting your inner-knowing & impulses, Finding & honoring own interests & passions, Self-Empowerment, Autonomy, Action-Taking, Risk-Taking

“I do things that support & challenge me to continue to grow into more of my full potential as a conscious being.”

Related topics include: Self-Esteem, Self-Ideals, Self-Standards, Vision for Self, Self-Goals, Sense of Growth, Self-Authenticity, Self-Expression, Honesty, Vulnerability, Spiritual Growth & Integration

“I take time to play & explore and I’m co-creative & responsively engaged in the face of new or challenging situations.”

Related topics include: Play, Curiosity, Exploration & Discovery, Collaboration, Co-creativity, Group Participation & Decision-making, Group Process, Collective Emergence

“I do productive work that makes a positive contribution to others & helps afford me my desired living conditions.”

Related topics include: Tasks, Jobs, Career, Fulfilling expectations, Meeting requirements & needs, Contribution, Making a difference, Providing for Others, Purpose, Mission

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“I feel deeply satisfied, nourished, and supported by the close, active relationships I have in my life.”

Related topics include: Romantic Close Relationships & Intimacy (Lovers, Partners, Spouses, etc.), Non-Romantic Close Relationships (Friends, Parents, Siblings, Children, etc.), Interpersonal Dynamics, Empathy, Emotional Connection

“I feel supported and enlivened by my overall physical health and energy levels.”

Related topics include: Body awareness, Pain & discomfort levels, Energy levels & consistency, Nutrition, Physical activity & exercise, Ease of movement & mobility, Sleep & rest

"I compassionately support myself in experiencing & processing all my emotions in safe, constructive ways.”

Related topics include: Self-Reflection,Emotional Self-Awareness, Affect tolerance, Self-Regulation, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Compassion, Emotional processing, Attending to own feelings