A Live Interactive Webinar with Dylan Newcomb (on his Birthday!)

Transform Your Deeper, Limiting Habits through Embodied Practice

Join us on March 25th for an amazingly awesome and unspeakably profound (ok, I’m American -- I can't help it) birthday webinar with Dylan Newcomb founder of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence (and yes, that’s ME, but I’m writing in 3rd person). In this stupendously insightful (and dare I say, also possibly also FUN) two-hour interactive session, Dylan will guide you through an exploration of your deeper, unconscious sensory-motor conditioning (that’s embodiment geek-speak for Your Shittier, Hard to Change Habits), shedding light on the patterns that shape your less-than-sustainably-helpful responses to life's challenges. Learn how UZAZU's embodied principles and practices can help you gain significantly more conscious choice, transform limiting habits, and cultivate more skillful, authentic responses to each moment.

Not interested? Well then... come anyway—it's my Birthday!

UZAZU's 8 Life Areas Assessment examines satisfaction levels across your life, pinpointing key growth areas and guiding you towards more informed choices for a balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling life.

In this 120-minute interactive webinar, you will:

  • Illuminate your key unconscious limiting patterns: Uncover the automatic sensory-motor loops that drive your perceptions, reactions, and behaviors, and discover how they are both alternately support AND limit you.
  • Cultivate deeper embodied awareness: Be guided through how to use UZAZu Embodied Intelligence to quickly and potently deepen embodied awareness to gain clarity and conscious choice in your responses to triggers and challenges.
  • Learn to access deeply resourcing, balanced, embodied states by transforming your conditioned responses: Learn key principles and practices for deep, authentic, and lasting re-patterning that goes beyond willpower or intention, fostering truly sustainable change.
  • Access a Special Post-Webinar Limited Opportunity - At the end of the live webinar, you'll learn how you can sign up for a special free 30-minute Life-Balance Embodiment session with Dylan (limited to the first 10 participants) as part of his unique birthday offering.
UZAZU Embodied Intelligence helps us access the wisdom our bodies hold, grounding us and allowing us to heal ourselves. It's a powerful merging of using the mind and the body-mind, which is so important for our culture and the world. UZAZU really cuts through all the defenses and dissociations, hitting the nub of what's going on for people.  We so need to come back into our bodies and be present, and UZAZU helps us do that."


This Live Webinar will take place:

Sunday, March 26th

West Coast USA:


East Coast, USA:


London, UK: 


Amsterdam, NL:


This free 'Birthday Webinar' lasts 120 minutes and will be highly interactive. So sign up and come prepared to engage! (Bonus points for party hats.)

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Meet The Trainer:

Recognized as one of the world's leading researchers, coaches, and trainers in the growing field of embodiment, Dylan Newcomb has helped thousands of students and clients across four continents transform the root causes of their challenges by accessing a more full, dynamic spectrum of embodied states. Dylan is the founder, lead researcher, and trainer of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method. His background and 15 years' experience as a Juilliard trained professional dancer and composer, as well as his passion for embodied and scholarly research, deeply inform the 20+ years of ongoing development of UZAZU as an integrative embodiment modality. 

On Monday, March 25th, Dylan turns 53. So, he'd like to celebrate by doing one of the things he loves most—helping people access the richness and joy of living a more consciously and skillfully embodied life!

Dylan Newcomb

Founder-DirEctor & Main Co-Trainer

Dylan is a mind-body researcher, coach, lead developer & trainer of UZAZU for 22 years, and a former professional dancer, choreographer & music composer.