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Give Your Feedback  for the UZAZU Practitioner Certification Training

  • Your Feedback, and perhaps a Testimonial?

  • Why, after already taking the Foundations Training, did you choose to sign up? And were there any specific frustrations or limitations you were looking to overcome?
  • Please describe... This could be as short at 2-3 sentences, or all the way up to 2-3 paragraphs.
  • Please share about the ways in which you now feel more 'professionally capable & confident.' This could be as short at 2-3 sentences, or all the way up to several paragraphs.
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  • Attracting new trainees into our certification program is key to the ongoing health and growth of UZAZU. And, if you're willing, hearing from you in YOUR own words of what it brought you to do the full certification training and why you'd recommend it, can really help people in their decision! 2-5 sentences are more than enough, and you can of course draw from what you wrote above...
  • What did you most appreciate, and are there any things you think we could do differently, as teachers/trainers, that might have made your learning journey better? Feel free to also send any of us a direct email on this topic, if you prefer.
  • Next Steps in your Journey with UZAZU

  • This question is partly for you—to take a moment to reflect on how you'd like to keep working with & using UZAZU in your life—and partly for Deb, Dylan & UZAZU to gather helpful information about how we could best support you and others, once a program such as this one has completed. Thank you!
  • This is a bit similar to the previous question, but more about what kinds of structures and opportunities UZAZU and your peer community can potentially provide.
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