According to Your Assessment Responses,

Your Exchanges
appears to be your Strongest Area of Embodiment. 

Your Exchanges

As an area of embodiment, your Exchanges are where you actively engage and share with others to co-create a happy, meaningful life.

Both personally and professionally, the more readily, fully, and skillfully you exchange with others, the more you find yourself fully involved and participating in the experience of living a meaningful life.

Actively exchanging, you don't feel as alone, cut off, or questioning if you're making a valuable contribution. Your whole body and mind are able to be fully present & engaged in the context of your relationships and your environment.


Embodied Exchanging is the process of skilfully sensing & activating your whole bodymind to co-create valuable experiences with others.

When Your EXCHANGES are More Fully EmbodieD:

  • You have healthy, dynamic exchanges with others & enjoy mutually beneficial relationships.
  • You can intuitively identify, transition into & maintain deeper levels of relationship. 
  • You enjoy co-creative & mutually transformational exchanges of energy & information.
  • You naturally form long-lasting, nurturing bonds with people you care deeply about.

But—When Your EXCHANGES are NOT as Fully EmbodieD:

  • Those deeper, more deeply nourishing relationships don’t tend to happen that often or easily.
  • You can be distrustful of others and pessimistic about creating positive outcomes together.
  • Frown
    You shy away from or don't 'fully show up' in your opportunities to collaborate with others.
  • When relating with others, you find it difficult to invoke your authentic self & natural strengths.

If this area tends to be a more natural place for you to 'hang out', then embodying it even more deeply, in more aspects of your personal & professional life, could be a great way for you to benefit even more from the tendencies and strengths you already have!

And this also implies that...

EXCHANGING with Others
could be your weakest Area of Embodiment. 

Most of people tend to have a 'way of being' that's less natural & comfortable for them. Very often, your most consistent & profound challenges are linked to this 'weaker' area of embodiment. Embodying this area more fully can hold a big key to you reaching more of your full potential.

And so the Question then is...

How can you EMBODY a more Easeful and Effective Balance between these two Areas?

Here's a short video from UZAZU founder and embodiment expert Dylan Newcomb about the embodied integration of Centering and Exchanging, and how you can use it in your life.

Start by understanding how The Four Areas of Embodiment function together, and how even just few minutes of embodiment practice each day can improve your life!

Welcome to UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment!

Hello! My name is Dylan Newcomb, and I’ve been researching, developing, and teaching UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment for the past 15 years. UZAZU is a very unique and modern form of embodied practice—combining simple postures and (interactive) movements with breath and visualization—that's based in principles from embodied cognitive neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology. There's nothing else quite like it out there.

And that’s why those who learn & practice this simple yet powerful technique, tend to rave about profoundly how it's helping them—in so many areas of their life....

The free webinar I'm offering (below) is very interactive, and gives you a direct experience of the kinds of embodied states that UZAZU empowers you to access. Most people find that it starts working for them even on their first try. Already right in this webinar, you can start feeling more grounded, having better boundaries, and connecting more easily with others. 

Are you curious to experience this for yourself? I look forward to meeting you there...!

Join the FREE Training Webinar with UZAZU Founder Dylan Newcomb!

How the Four Core Areas of Embodiment Can Help You Thrive Now.

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    Learn how to take your embodiment opportunities and challenges to a deeper level, creating peace, success and fulfillment on your own terms
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    Make powerful connections between your own current top challenges & frustrations and The Four Core Areas of Embodiment—so you can walk away knowing what kinds of embodiment practices will be most transformational & empowering for you NOW.
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    Learn about an exciting opportunity to study and practice the UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment method online, directly with Dylan.

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