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I recommend you watch these short videos below, before jumping on your Discovery Session call, so you'll be prepared to get even more out of our time together.

Purpose is also a “How”

Purpose is as much a ‘How’ as it is a ‘What’ or ‘Why’. The HOW of Purpose invites you deeper in to your process of...

Self-Love Comes First

It's so easy to get caught in the trap of: "Once I'm living my purpose, then I'll be deserving of self-love." But this...

Become Truly Available

True Purpose "already wants to happen." A large part of my work is just about helping people get out of their own way... 

People who've worked with me personally are saying

I can now bring my idea into Reality!

Penny Harris

Working with Dylan for the past months, I can now bring my idea into reality. He is helping me transform a big, underdeveloped idea into something concrete and he's supporting me to create ways I can powerfully communicate that!

Penny Harris - Renewable Philanthropy

Extremely soul-nourishing and life-confirming

Judith Minema Client Pic

It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

Judith Minnema - Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

I feel empowered and clear

Rob Scott 2

Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Rob Scott - Life Coach & Marketer

Straight to the Essence...

Peter Merry Speaking 2

Dylan combined his open heart and clear mind together with UZAZU to get us straight to the essence. He empowered me to take ownership of any issues and work on them myself. With great success!

Peter Merry - CIO, Ubiquity University

Here are some key beliefs and insights that I’ve grown into over the last years of helping people like you step into vibrantly Embodying their Purpose. 

Embodying a Deep Sense of Purpose is KEY to Your Happiness.

Living your life in a way that feels deeply purposeful, intentional, and ‘right for you right now’, is essential to fully realizing Happiness. Without it, you will continue to feel that something BIG is missing in your life. You can put it off as long as you like, you can compensate, to a degree, with other 'feel-good activities'—but there's simply no replacement for feeling like you're doing what YOU are meant to be doing. It makes a huge difference.

Your Authentic “Purposefulness” is Always Evolving.

There’s not ONE thing/activity/career/mission you’re “meant” to be doing in this life. Rather, it’s about patiently, persistently, and compassionately living your way into what feels like the most deeply resonant and synergistic forms of engagement for you right now, at this stage in your life—and then being able to relax, trust, and enjoy that flow! You are meant to follow your bliss. And what that bliss feels & looks like will naturally evolve as you and your life-context evolve. Often this means letting go, in many ways, of your earlier Self's dreams and really listening in anew from where you're at NOW. 

Our Deepest Purpose Is Shared Happiness—the Rest Is Just a Means to That End.

I believe the REAL purpose of each of our lives is simply experiencing—and sharing with others—peace and happiness. It’s just that the embodiment of that happiness, and the path to ‘getting there’, comes in MANY different shapes and flavors! It’s easy, however, to get fixated on "our vehicle" and lose sight of the ultimate destination. The more you can access a kind of direct, unconditional happiness, the more relaxed, adaptable and enjoyable will be your ongoing journey of ‘Embodying My Purpose’. (Could you be at peace if you died tomorrow, for example?)

Don’t let Purpose be Just About Your Work—Find its Flow in Each Part of Your Life.

People often come to me thinking they need to totally change their job, or manifest their big vision much more fully in order to feel they are embodying their purpose and thus be satisfied with their life. A surprising amount of the time, we discover that by relating more purposefully to their own inner life. And how they are simply present & connecting with loved ones, that they already radically change their whole outlook and sense of purpose.

The More Inner-Obstacles are Removed, the More Easily Purpose can Flow Through You.

Your unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns of conditioned dysregulation (trauma & triggering,) and wounded sense of Self place hard, yet invisible, limits on how clearly you and see & feel what’s most purpose-aligned for you AND on your capacity to then manifest that purpose. The more you remove these inner-limitations, the more space and freedom Purpose has to move through you and take its natural form in your life.

More Fully Embodying Your Purpose Means Evolving How you Engage in Relationship.

Coming into more fully Embodying your Purpose is not something you can achieve staying stuck behind a computer, nor meditating in a cave in India. Purpose is realized in and through your various relationships. So transforming your clarity and enactment of purpose MUST go hand in hand with transforming how you are able to connect and interact with others!

If you'd like to learn more about me, my background, how I came to develop the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method, and how I utilize mind-body principles & practices in my private coaching work, then here are three full-length conversations you can enjoy!  

The Embodiment Podcast Icon 292x300

The Embodiment Podcast

An interview about 'State-Shifting' with Mark Walsh as a Guest on his Embodiment Podcast

This is actually the 2nd podcast interview I did with Embodiment Trainer and Embassador Mark Walsh. The first one is at the bottom of this list, but this one is more 'practical' and 'user oriented', than our more abstract and technical 1st discussion.

From the introduction: "Dylan is back to talk Uzazu Embodied Intelligence. We discuss his map and the method for shifting states and using them to build long-term traits, how contextual real embodiment actually is, “safe bubbles”, doing individual vs group work, several case studies, what really leads to change, the necessary business skills, sensory vs emotional and interpersonal literacy, and some tips for facilitators. In this one, we go from the abstract to the practical."

Chandler Stevens 1 300x300

Chandler Stevens

A Full-Length Video Interview as Guest on Chandler Steven's Ecosomatics Podcast

In Chandler's words: "In this episode I talk with Dylan Newcomb, founder of The UZAZU Embodiment Method. I was blown away by this one. Dylan's work weaves together a rich array of practices, including dance, psycho-social relations, expression and vocalization, and so much more. He guides us through an embodiment practice that was a real eye-opener for me. I know you'll get as much out of it as I did."

Embodied Breakthroughs Panel Discussion 300x300

Hosted by
Maud Raber

A Panel Discussion of 3 Leading Embodiment-based Coaches: Embodied Breakthroughs

As part of 'The Coaching Summit', sponsored by Coaching Rising, I took part in a rich, lively panel discussion on what makes embodiment-based coaching so effective, as opposed to less 'physically engaged' forms of 'more traditional' coaching. This session is more explicitly geared towards coaches & helping professionals, but it's a good discussion of embodiment in coaching in general, and we all give some short interactive exercises as well.

The Description: "How do you support your clients to powerfully find clarity, orientation and purpose through the body? This panel, hosted by Maud Raber, will be an experiential exploration of the relationship between the body and meaning-making, and how to powerfully leverage it in coaching."

The Embodiment Podcast Icon 292x300

The Embodiment Podcast

A 2nd, more 'Embodiment Geeky' interview with Mark Walsh as a Guest on his Embodiment Podcast

This interview I did with Embodiment Trainer and Embassador Mark Walsh gets fairly 'geeky' and dare I say academic... But if you ARE interested in the kind of research & develop I've put into UZAZU over the past 17 years, and how it relates to other theories and practices of human development, then this might be interesting for you!

From the introduction: "UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb joins us to discuss dance and sound, embodiment vs mindfulness, vowel sounds, maps of space in embodiment, state shifting and states vs traits, Amy Cuddy and her critics, the vagus nerve, academic and artistic trends, why “be here now” is impossible, how research enriches subjective experience, embodied assessments and integral theory and Ken Wilber. A clever, vibrant one."

A Story of One Client's Experience...

There's something magical that happens when the intelligence of your bodymind can actually help guide you back to an empowering state of connectedness. All of a sudden, dynamics in your life, which seemed so complicated and fraught find a much simpler & smoother way of working themselves out.

This client of mine below (who's name we've altered here) shares beautifully in her own words about how our coaching sessions, together with the simple UZAZU practice homework I gave her and her newlywed husband, may well have saved their marriage! 

Dalia Vamvouras 300x300

Dalia Vamvouras

I first heard about Dylan and his UZAZU method from a girlfriend who had been working with him. When she described her experience, I knew immediately that this would be the right kind of "therapy" to address some of the challenges my "anti-therapy fiancé" and I were going through at the time. 

We didn't end up meeting with Dylan until three months after we were married, at which point we desperately needed some help! We were very much in love, but for some reason (that neither of us could really understand), I was constantly crying, and my husband was constantly angry. We were fighting every day, and things had gotten quite bad. 

We tried going to a therapist together, but after two sessions, things were getting worse instead of better. My husband really did not want to talk about things--but I really needed to address them. In a burst of inspiration and desperation, I contacted Dylan.

We met with Dylan for 90 minutes. We talked a little and did some exercises with our bodies, our voices, our breath, and our imaginations. During that session, as my husband and I faced each other and did the very first exercise Dylan taught us, I burst into tears--but happy tears. My husband wasn't talking to me, or listening to me talk, but I finally felt like he was HEARING me, and I was getting what I needed.

We took this exercise home to practice. The first few times were hard; my husband's body was still resistant. But we practiced for 15 or 20 minutes every morning, and things almost "magically" got better. It was like having a really bad, itchy rash and not knowing where it came from, but getting the right medicine, and suddenly feeling fine again.

Now that things are "good" again, my husband and I are still learning more UZAZU, and still practicing regularly. Even outside of our practice time, there are certain sensations we can now communicate to each other, thanks to our UZAZU practice, in other contexts. We are learning how to emotionally give each other what the other person needs. It becomes safe for you to do this in the context of UZAZU, where the other person is also giving you what you need.

Dylan is such an effective coach. He is incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and perceptive--of mind, body, emotion, and "energy." He is clear, careful, and direct--gentle at the right times, and also knows when to push and challenge. While I came to him specifically to work on my relationship with my husband, the work has also inspired growth in my other relationships, including my "relationship" with myself.

I have only had a handful of sessions with Dylan at this point, but I feel like I have developed more as a person in the last two months than in the past five years on my own. 
UZAZU, with Dylan as a guide, has really helped me open up certain closed aspects of myself, and I am enjoying all of these "side effects"--I'm becoming less timid, more clear about setting boundaries at work and with my family, and I'm taking care of myself in ways that I wasn't prioritizing before. And consequently, I feel better!

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