UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

and Access your Full Potential

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence gives you an effective way to immediately access the embodied states that empower you to easefully & vibrantly engage in each moment.

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In your own Life...

Use UZAZU to reduce your stress, increase healthy energy, access empowering states and optimize how you connect & engage with others.

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As a Professional...

Use UZAZU to amplify your transformational capacities as a 1-1 Coach, Psychotherapist, Somatic or Healing Arts Practitioner, etc.

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Access a FREE Webinar Replay about UZAZU for Helping Professionals:

Activate your Client's Embodied Intelligence and Support them to Shift their States

This rich, experiential webinar will give you two guided embodied experiences of using UZAZU to access and shift between different, essential states. You'll see a live 1-1 UZAZU coaching demo session with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb and a participant/client working together on an issue. And you'll get to hear about UZAZU's two upcoming trainings for Helping Professionals.

Why UZAZU Embodied Intelligence?

In all the busyness, challenges, and unpredictability of our daily lives, it's easier than ever to become stressed, overwhelmed, or blocked.

It's so easy to get disconnected from your own natural embodied intelligence,

and no longer activate the STATES of being that most serve & energize you!

And as a result...?

Imbalanced, quality-of-life-draining states of stress, anxiety, friction, and overwhelm quickly set in.  

All these imbalanced states—which so easily rob you of the ease, flow, and joy you desire—largely result from a lack of intelligent, balanced, and easeful flow between your mind, body and awareness.

The UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method empowers you to quickly identify exactly where and when your mind-body connection is breaking down or becoming distorted. It then equips you with a set of clear & effective practices to restore and strengthen your capacity to sense & respond to life—in deeper connection with yourself, others, and the world. So you can get on with it and more fully live the life that's wanting to flow through YOU.

A Three-Part Approach to Embodiment

Whether using it on yourself or as a helping professional with clients,
UZAZU has three crucial aspects, or phases, that work very synergistically together.

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Assess & Clarify Your Underlying Patterns

Take both written and movement-based assessments to clearly identify in which contexts your (or your client's) unconscious beliefs and nervous system conditioning are triggering which kinds of balanced and imbalanced states. This gives you AN EMBODIED MAP of both your strength-states and your limiting-states—which is KEY to your growth!


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Activate Integrated, Mind-body States & Re-Pattern Your Conditioning

Use specific body postures & simple movements, vowel sounds, and statements together, to cultivate the precise embodied states of being & relating that will transform your limiting patterns and ACTIVATE the STATES that will bring your whole being into FLOW, in a given situation.


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Practice Embodying & Applying these Integrated States in Your Personal and Professional Life

Take your newly enhanced capacity to sense & respond with the integrated intelligence of your whole Mind-Body system—and use them to transform how you naturally show up in your relationships and social interactions.


UZAZU Embodied Intelligence for
Helping Professionals

Are you a Coach, Therapist, Counselor, of other Helping Professional?

Whether you already work with the body in your private practice and are looking for a more detailed-yet-practical set of organizing principles and easily teachable embodied practices...

...or you want to start involving the body more in your existing 1-1 coaching or therapy practice to help your clients achieve deeper, more fully integrated transformation (often in less than half the time of more conventional, talk-centered coaching methods…)

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence professional training gives you a clear set of body-mind-based principles, assessments, practices, and protocols you can use with clients to help them more quickly & easily overcome their obstacles and move more fully into the life they desire.

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Interactive Group Live Embodiment Workshop

Join Us for our Foundations Training

For Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, and other Helping Professionals

This highly experiential training gives you an immersion into a systematic, integrative method for working with your clients’ full range of embodied states. As a helping professional, you will learn a holistic system and approach to embodied facilitation that:
  • Gives you a full-spectrum, principles-based framework for working with posture, movement, and space to cultivate embodied self-awareness and support powerful state-shifts.
  • Teaches you how to work with both regulated and dysregulated states utilizing UZAZU’s 9 Modes of Engagement.
  • Provides you with a simple 5-step process for embodied 1-1 facilitation that helps clarify how and what you bring into focus with your clients, and deepens the integrative benefits of the changes they experience.
  • Integrates easily and synergistically with the work you already do, whether you are a coach, psychotherapist or other helping professional.

Portland Maine, USA - April 28-30, 2023
Affligem, Belgium - May 19-21, 2023
Findhorn Foundation, Scotland - May 23-26, 2023
Munich, Germany - June 1-3, 2023

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The Practitioner Certification Training

Giving Helping Professionals a comprehensive skill set for facilitating 1-1 embodied change

The UZAZU 9-Month Certification Training Program empowers professionals (who are already experienced in working 1-1 with clients) to skillfully utilize UZAZU's Embodied Intelligence Assessments, together with the seamlessly integrated array of posture, movement, and embodied visualization practices, to help their clients rapidly identify & transform the limiting mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns holding them back.

Next training starts September. 13th, 2023. 
Sign up now & get the Foundations Training for Free!

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Learning and personal growth that otherwise can take months...

In less than one hour, it gives my clients the learning and personal growth that otherwise can take months. ….they come out the other side with radical awareness and alignment. It’s a fantastic way to help them gain insight and move through personal challenges.

Alex Iglecia    Life Coach, Founder - Being Epic

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It gave me a valuable set of new tools, right from the beginning!

I’ve been working as a psychotherapist, coach, and business-trainer for 25 years. My knowledge of UZAZU now provides me a powerful foundation that allows me to connect and strengthen the efficiency of all the other methods I use (which includes Constellations, Gestalt Therapy, working with Metaphoric Cards, Body-mind work, etc.) UZAZU is simple and yet very deep and wide at the same time. It allows fast and accurate diagnostics and it supports me to work with different layers and levels (the body-level, belief systems, relationship dynamics, business, etc.) It gave me a valuable set of new tools right from the beginning, while further immersion in this method seems to open up endless fields of new opportunities—including for my own self-growth! I highly recommend UZAZU as a very effective, well-formed system for all kinds of helping professionals.

Marina Bondarenko    Coach, Business-Trainer, Psychotherapist, Embodiment-coach

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Comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable for clients

As a body-oriented psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of trauma over the past 25 years, I have been impressed by the potency of UZAZU as a catalyst for transformative change. Comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable for clients, UZAZU helps me to facilitate changes in therapy sessions that happen quickly and have lasting impact. Over the past few years, I have been applying this powerful modality both as a stand-alone approach to working with clients, and as an integrative tool for bringing together my other skills and ways of working. I highly recommend UZAZU as an effective yet sophisticated mind-follows-body modality for therapists and coaches to add to their toolbox. Actually, you will have a whole new toolbox!

Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT   Psychotherapist & Somatic Movement Educator

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence for

Personal Development

TRANSFORM your automatic stress responses, or "triggers," and step into ease, joy, and flow within a wider range of situations.

Doing truly integrated and effective personal development work requires two key things: 

  • Having a reliable way to deepen your embodied self-awareness—especially around those aspects of yourself that are currently difficult or impossible for you to see or feel. In other words, having a way to safely explore your shadow.
  • And having a way to change not just how you think about yourself but to actually transform how your body-mind system naturally senses and responds to things.

The written and embodied assessments & practices of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence are the result of over 18 years of rigorous research & development that are laser-focused on helping you do just that.

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UZAZU Is A METHOD That Gives You An Embodied Practice For Your Ongoing Developmental Journey

A free webinar replay: Working with the Cycles & Stages of Your Embodied Personal Growth

Learn about the 'inevitable' 3-part cycle of embodied growth and how you can intentionally leverage each part of this cycle to build the specific competencies that will most serve you in your personal & professional life right now

Come away from this guided experience with a clearer sense of what kinds of embodied work could be most helpful & empowering for YOU.

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A 1-Day Live Online UZAZU Training: Embody Balance & Flow in Your Life

In this highly interactive live, 1-day, online training in UZAZU Foundations for personal use, you’ll learn how to access, cultivate, and effectively bring into your daily life the 9 key embodied STATES that will help you THRIVE—both within yourself and with others in the world—personally and professionally.

You’ll come away from this engaging training with an embodied sense of how you can apply your embodied intelligence to specific situations in your daily life—so you’re not just practicing embodiment, you’re living it! 

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When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically

This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration.

Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP — President Emeritus of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Luna Marendi UZAZU Feb 2014 Square

I am able to process emotional waves much more deeply and swiftly

I have become more focused, discerning, and purposeful. I am making more money and cultivating better relationships. And find I have a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the underlying dynamics of life. The language of UZAZU has given me an embodied way to be with the details and processes of all aspects of my life.

Luna Marendi  —  Personal Coach, Trainer, and Embodied Facilitator

Benedikt MacIssaac

...I have more Drive and more Passion

It's changing how I energetically interact with everything around me. I have more drive. I have more passion. I feel I can be more authentic, and sharing my truth is one of the most gratifying things I have now.

Benedikt MacIsaac  Musician, Music Producer