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    Alex Iglecia

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Founder, Creator, Husband facilitating Clarity and Flow for Visionaries on the Move

    United States

    Have you had a major breakdown or setback in the last year that caused you to pivot, reflect and make radically new choices aligned with who you really want to be?

    Professionals and creatives often hire me after they've hit a speed bump in their evolution. They've entered the cocoon stage of transformation and need help moving moving through letting go so they can gain inspired motivation again at a new level.

    Is there a part of you that you know is hiding, buried or trapped? Are you committed to freedom, authenticity, integrity and creativity? I've been there, many times, and so have my clients. If your next stage of development is begging you to embody more kindness, self-love, honoring, trust and healing in order to be the role model, leader, creator you most wish to be... let's talk.

    What is calling you?

    Coaching with me can help you get clarity about your life's throughline and personal mythology so you can live more in tune with your true self.

    What caused the breakdown that you are now aware needs your attention?

    Coaching with me can help you heal and strengthen, recover and restore, smile and move forward with emerging confidence.

    What breakthrough have you already initiated, and you're calling in new energy, purpose and inspiration for creating your future?

    Working with me can help you own the good that comes by in creasing your receiving and self-trust.

    How to begin:

    To begin exploring what it's like to work with me, schedule a Dive Deep Discovery Session to spark your next breakthrough and see if you enjoy the way I help you move forward.

    Watch this short testimonial from a powerful retreat in Hawaii: https://youtu.be/3vU5jyKn384

    Past clients:

    have included CEOs, PhDs, artists, investors, engineers, business owners and teens whose intentions were alignment, creativity, kindness, generosity, more synchronicity and peace in their career, health and relationships.

    To let your true wealth flow, let go and let's go.

    "What glorious gifts
    Make your molecules dance
    Making love with enthusiasm,
    Across the universe?"

    - Alex Iglecia, MA

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    Beth Brewer

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Hypnotherapist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Coach


    I've worked as a LCSW for the past 18 years, and have maintained a private psychotherapy practice for 12.
    I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher.
    In my therapy practice I specialize in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy that has a somatic edge. I am excited about incorporating UZAZU so that that edge might become a broader surface of my work.
    In addition to individual, couple and group therapy, I offer clinical consultation both to therapists and organizations. I am particularly energized at the moment by consulting for therapists who are writing books about their work.

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    Dylan Newcomb

    • UZAZU Master Practitioner & Trainer

    Director & Lead Trainer of UZAZU, Life Coach

    Maine, United States
    Dutch, English

    Dylan Newcomb is the founder & lead trainer of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, a master embodiment-based coach for helping professionals & cultural creatives, and an avid embodiment researcher.

    Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition, and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade. Generously funded by the Dutch government, Dylan went on to co-found Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2001, where he conducted cross-cultural research for several years, exploring how vocal sounds, breath, and movement influenced thought, emotion, and behavior across hundreds of subjects. This research formed the basis for what has evolved into a comprehensive modality known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

    Over the past 18 years, Dylan has taught his unique approach to embodiment training to over 3,000 students across 4 continents. He has trained coaches, therapists, group facilitators, policemen, doctors, and business leaders in how to quickly balance their inner states to bring more ease and flow to their engagement in the world.

    Dylan is increasingly recognized as one of the emerging, next generation of leaders in the space of bringing the science and practice of embodiment-based personal development into the 21st Century.

    As a master-coach, Dylan Newcomb works 1-1 online with helping professionals, supporting them to move through the remaining blocks holding them back from effectively getting their purpose-driven work into the world, and he works with conscious entrepreneurs & cultural creatives looking to grow their impact, while also growing as a whole person. Dylan lives with his wife Kyung-sun Baek and their 9-year-old daughter Kiana in Freeport Maine, USA.

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    Deb Grant

    • UZAZU Master Practitioner & Trainer

    UZAZU Master Co-Trainer, Psychotherapist, Somatic Movement Therapist

    Maine, United States

    As a licensed social worker (LCSW) and registered somatic movement therapist (RSMT), I bring over 25 years of clinical expertise as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and somatic work to my role as UZAZU’s clinical advisor. I am an UZAZU co-trainer and certified practitioner, helping develop, guide, and deliver our live & online training events and our 10-month certification program; and I actively support our UZAZU community.

    In my clinical work as a psychotherapist I bring UZAZU, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Body-Mind Centering®, embodied polyvagal theory, ego state work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) to my sessions with clients. As a Somatic Movement Therapist I integrate UZAZU with Body-Mind Centering® as well other somatic and movement-based approaches to embodied work.

    I also provide consultation and professional development workshops to helping professionals, exploring the integration of somatic/body-based work with psychotherapy. I’ve presented workshops on Polyvagal Theory at Kripalu and Omega Institute, and have been a regular co-presenter & collaborator with Deb Dana, an internationally renowned speaker and educator on Polyvagal Theory.

    In addition to my profession as a psychotherapist and somatic movement therapist, I teach somatic approaches to improvisational dance and contact improvisation, with an extensive background and training in yoga, bodywork, theater, and contact improvisation. I am also a DJ for our beloved ecstatic dance community, here in Portland, Maine.

    I’m currently hunkered down during COVID with my partner Jason and his 12 year old son, as well as 2 cats and a senior dog, and with my recent-ish college graduate daughter just around the corner. My therapy website is debgrant.net. I love UZAZU and delight in being a part of the UZAZU team!

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    Anastasia Goda

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Embodiment facilitator, certified UZAZU embodiment intelligence practitioner

    Russian, English, Lithuanian

    I serve the connectedness of the Human with self and the World. This statement was born in 2016 at the EFC Russia. The magic is that UZAZU bridges the attention to what's going on in a person's Inner World with what's in their Environments.

    In the past I co-founded a training-consulting business, now I lead individual and group sessions using the embodiment approach. Together with the man I love, we are doing complex projects to transform the culture of companies and reorient them to work in self-organization/self-management (living or teal companies).

    The main types of requests that clients come to me for individual sessions:
    • What's next? Understanding where I want to go in life and how: choosing a direction, mission/purpose, prioritizing projects, setting and achieving goals.
    • Problems in relations with other people (colleagues, partners, children, wives, husbands). What to do?
    • Too much stuff, can't cope: high stress levels, how to preserve myself, emotional swings, can't keep my boundaries.
    • How to be myself in relations with the team/group: it is difficult to express myself to the group, underestimating or devaluing myself and my abilities, finding inner strength.
    • Making difficult and complex decisions.
    • Working with families: how a mother can let her child go to kindergarten, school while remaining calm and "good" mother.
    • The first persons of companies - shareholders: finding a shared vision, finding sources of inner strength, aligning the top team.

    I invite you to an introduction meeting, during which you will be able to understand how effective and easy it is for you to work with me, and I will understand how beneficial I can be to you.
    See you!

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    Ashley Handel

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Somatic Educator + Embodiment Coach

    London Borough of Waltham Forest, United Kingdom

    As a somatic educator and embodiment coach, I combine my knowledge and experience of movement, the breath, awareness, creativity and the imagination to help people reframe their current challenges and access more ease and flow so that they can move towards their goals with confidence and joy. I help people to understand how their nervous system works, so that they can recognise and shift their embodied response when they become dysregulated. By teaching people how their bodies affect their mind and vice versa, they have more ability to choose how they respond to things vs simply reacting to them. This leads to more acceptance, focus and empowerment in all areas of life.

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    Beth Nolte

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, Taichi Qigong Shibashi instructor


    ~I'm a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in private practice for 20+ years, and more recently a certified qigong instructor (Taichi Qigong Shibashi).

    ~My current passion is cultivating a system that weaves together Chinese medicine, Uzazu Embodied Intelligence, Mindful Self-Compassion practice, personal coaching, and the Internal Family Systems model.

    ~My goal is to help my patients and clients cultivate a healthy and balanced life, and to more fully develop a natural confidence, curiosity and compassion, for their own life and in the world.

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    Corinne Vergote

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Somatic movement therapist, Uzazu practitioner, Bodyworker

    Dutch, English

    As a somatic movement therapist, embodied dance & movement professional and certified Uzazu practitioner, I coach 1 on 1 and facilitate group workshops and conscious dance sessions live as well as on line. I integrate hands on tools such as cranio sacral therapy and relaxation techniques in my wholistic coaching practice. My mission is to guide people towards a more joyful, vital and compassionate life.

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    Daniel Prager

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Coaching and Facilitation

    Victoria, Australia

    I work with people (often with leadership responsibilities) and teams moving to new ways of working: from structured, individualised, command-and-control "plan the work, work the plan" to more team-centric iterative and incremental, collaborative modes of work. This can be a big change, both at a conceptual and emotional level.

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    Dr. Albert Viljoen

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Executive, Life & Leadership Coach

    United Kingdom

    I am a qualified medical doctor and a certified Integral life coach. I currently work as an executive, life and leadership coach.

    I see private clients in-person or online, covering a range of topics, from Work-life balance to career-change to ADHD. My background is in integral coaching, and I include the Integral model, Enneagram typology, and Gestalt-based principles in my coaching practice.


  • LBfNBY9nWCZpmDmHpnVh

    Ekaterina Samotei

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Embodied Intelligence Facilitator, Life & Leadership Coach

    Russian, Ukrainian
  • Aic2Dw8n7HHybE9aRKjj

    Emily Dunuwila

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Massage Therapist

    United States

    Hi! My name is Emily, and I am a massage therapist, embodiment coach, and educator currently based in Philadelphia, PA. I am currently seeing private clients as an embodiment coach, teaching body-based mindfulness workshops in person and virtually, and pursing my M.S.Ed at Penn Graduate School of Education. I have taught my unique fusion of self-touch and relaxation classes to a range of audiences including college students, HR groups, school teachers, yoga teacher trainees, and more! I am committed to helping people manage stress in a more relaxed, resilient, and embodied way.

    Visit my website at: https://empowermt.com
    Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Empower Massage
    Find me on Instagram: @empwrbyem
    Listen to my Meditations on Insight Timer: https://insighttimer.com/emilydunuwila

    I would love to hear from you! Reach out with any questions about workshops, one-to-one work, or other related inquiries!

  • WFDJmKjCPBjmbno6LjoK

    Graham Smale

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator


    Gauteng, South Africa

    My current mission is to bring my lifelong learnings as a business executive and my coaching and UZAZU skills to benefit my clients. I work with individuals and leaders that feel stuck in their lives, careers and businesses, to become aware of the relationship between their current challenges and the way they are observing and showing up in the world. I coach them on how to become better observers and from there to shift into a more resourceful way of being that better serves their life, career and business goals. I use a range of coaching and facilitation methods, grounded in neuroscience and the science of living systems. The science is framed by ontology, the philosophical study of what it means to be human and live a meaningful and fulfiilling life, embodied through practices offered by the powerful framework and methods of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

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    Jennifer Joy Greaves

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Private Psychotherapy Practice - Clinical Social Worker, Alcohol Drug Counselor, Clinical Supervisor

    Maine, United States

    At this point of my career, I work with adults. After obtaining my M.S.W. in 1992, I studied family therapy for many years, and I worked extensively with adolescents and their families on an outpatient, residential, and inpatient basis, and also in their homes. I am also a licensed clinical supervisor, and many years ago I was the clinical coordinator for an agency that therapists in private practice were affiliated with. I've been in private practice over 15 years, and I am fortunate to have a home office with a separate entrance with a small waiting room/bathroom on a dead end street next to a walking trail. Along with talk therapy, I am trained in a few energy psychology techniques, Imago Relationship Therapy, and more recently, Polyvagal Theory informed therapy and Internal Family Systems. I am thrilled to also use Uzazu to help my clients in an embodied way.

  • 49uyp4k62L67pHEKN2vc

    Jenny Katz

    Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker (Canada)


    I have personally experienced and witnessed healing that transforms suffering. It’s astounding what happens when the energy that was stuck, and creating pain in our lives, starts to flow. I have seen people able to live their lives more fully and with more ease. It’s rarely a straight line and it’s not always pretty but it’s worth it. I believe in our innate desire and capacity to feel better.

    I help people who are struggling with painful, repeating life patterns that are in the way of their goals and the life they want to live. The counselling and coaching approaches I use go directly to where you want to experience change. This is focused work – we use creative ways to help shift your life’s path.

    I have worked with youth, adults and families as well as organizations and networks for 20 years. I have training in frameworks and therapeutic modalities including anti-oppression, addictions, emotional freedom techniques, expressive arts, family therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, process work, psychodynamic therapy, trauma counselling, and youth engagement.

    I have also designed and delivered training and workshops on many topics for those working on the frontlines in the social service sector.

    I work from a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive framework and strive for curiosity, compassion and humility. It’s important to me to work collaboratively and I integrate different tools and approaches based on where you are in the moment and what will have the most impact.

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    Judith HUSHAGEN

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC) since 2012 Individuals, Teams, Global Leadership Development and Facilitation (M.Ed.), Organisational Development (OD) specialist , President, Hushagen International Inc. Canada, Owner and Managing Director MANNET SARL, Switzerland.

    English, French

    I have always been passionate about my work and the difference it makes in people's lives! This was true at the beginning of my career, when I worked in sport and led the development of training materials for coaches; later on, when I became a partner in an international consulting firm that specialized in organizational development and change; and now, when my focus is on coaching managers to be more effective as both managers and leaders.

    I have been a Professional Certified Coach for more than 10 years. My clients come from a broad range of countries and cultures, and most are middle- and senior-level managers in international organisations who want to be more effective in their lives and in their work. They want results with more ease and grace and with less stress.

    UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is a brilliant addition to my Ontological coaching base! I use a variety of other coaching approaches (Gestalt, Strozzi somatic coaching, PowerCoaching) and leadership frameworks to help my clients step into their leadership role, manage difficult conversations, and show up more consistently at their fully embodied best.

    I am certified as an International Systemic Team Coach, and in addition to being licensed to use many psychometric assessments, I recently completed certification to use The Leadership Circle 360.

    I design and deliver leadership development courses, facilitate learning events, and consult on organisational development and change. My coaching clients know that my experience in these areas has given me a deeper familiarity with and understanding of their challenges and their world.

    My current client base come from 20 different countries. I do most of my coaching work virtually.

    Contact me if you want to fully step into and embrace your leadership role and become more effective in your work and life with less effort and less stress.

  • ZiKA3xCkKuBJi573rwYy

    Judith Salamander

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Somatic Coach, (Sexological) Bodyworker, Massage Therapist

    English, German

    As a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator I work mainly with people who want to explore their sexuality - either because there is an issue they want to resolve or just because they are curious and think, there must be "more".
    What I find so fascinating about sexuality is, that it's one of those "vertical" topics - it touches on so many central areas of our being - our self-love, our body image, our gender identification, our sexual orientation,, our body awareness, our deep longing for connection and intimacy, our capacity for cultivating pleasure, our courage to own our desires, our capacatiy to say yes and no and set boundaries - the list goes on.

    And yet in many contexts sexuality is excluded when we talk about ourselves. when we express ourselves. There often is no language, there is shame, we don't have a culture tp explore this topic outside our romantic relationships, where it's difficult to really focus on yourself - as in this setting it's always already a relationship thing.

    In my sessions I offer my clients a space of exploration, a space of permission to discover who you are as a sexual and human being.

    UZAZU has given me the tools to incorporate a wider range of topics in my coaching and to approach a topic from more angles, What's so exceptional about UZAZU as a modality (amongst other things) is, that it allows you to track whatever issue you want to work with simultanously in your body, mind and awareness and to work with all these elements in a system that makes sense. How do your stories play out in your body? How do your sensations and emotions inform the theories you come up with about your life and yourself and how can we work and play with all those elements in a safe enough container?

    I am based in Berlin, Germany where I live with my partner within a polyarmorous network. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to work on our own stuff but that the ultimate goal is to build communities and to contribute to a more just and joyful society.

  • WF2ZkqniJceMNVHRJbjp

    Julia Cornelissen

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    ACT Coach and Embodied Intelligence Facilitator

    Dutch, English, Russian

    As a facilitator of the embodied intelligence and a coach of the Acceptance and Commitment I help people and teams to re-wire their patterns of behavior and perception for the authentic and empowered achievement of their goals of the life. I support people with the going through the personal transformations for the more effective interaction and co-creation with people from other cultures (i.e. in international environment). As well my mission and passion is to help people to find the inner-comfort and easiness in any foreign language using an intelligence of the body.

  • YgaYaZ6NXYJ4jfnNhJuf

    Kathy Taylor

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Trauma-informed Embodiment & Nervous System Coach

    Texas, United States

    I invite women to slow down....
    and look at themselves and their lives through a different lens—
    a lens of kindness, belonging and enough-ness—
    instead of perfectionism, people-pleasing or proving.
    I encourage them to connect to their core self and challenge the stories they tell themselves.
    As they wrestle with the truth, they grow on the inside, and learn how to bring their full selves to their relationships and interactions.
    They become the women they were originally created to be.
    Wholehearted, generous, powerful, connected, taking up space.

    I do this work is through teaching you to connect with and listen to your body. The process is taken to an even deeper level by partnering with horses. There’s no riding involved and no horse experience is required. Horses offer a powerful reflection of how we show up mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

    I work with high achievers and successful leaders who are curious, self-aware and want to make a difference in the world. While they have accomplished a lot, they also feel overwhelmed, overcommitted, and stuck in overgiving. I help them regain control of their life and enjoy more meaningful relationships with themselves, their families, and those they work with.

    You can reach me at www.HerdWiseLeadershipCoaching.com or Kathy@HerdWise.net
    Here's a link to my TEDx talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUQ4hW30Mk8

  • Ilu3RqftABVVyt74Cv2m

    Kellie Ryan

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    CHSE (certified holistic sexuality educator), Uzazu Practitioner, LMT (licensed massage therapist)

    Maine, United States

    My gifts are in attuning and collaborative play. I offer space where there is permission to be honest about the challenging topic of sexuality.

    My work as a professional includes 19 years experience being a massage therapist, a holistic sexuality educator, and a workshop facilitator focusing on intimacy and relationship. I am a somatic explorer and that is where Uzazu comes in! I use this modality as a rich platform for individuals who are interested in investigating themselves from a less cerebral place. Helping them into their own brilliant imaginations and perceptions that arise from using the modes of Uzazu, among other movement meditations, that allow people to arrive into the universe and the wisdom of their bodies.

    My views on sexuality and its overlap with Uzazu:

    Sexuality is a phenomena that feels like a portal to some of the richest concerns and particularities of a person. Often when people ask me about working in the field of sexuality, there is an assumption that we will be talking about the act of sex, the fruits of desire, and setting goals for better sexual outcomes. Not really. Sure, sometimes, but more it is our sense of self, how we relate to others, relationship patterns, our confidence, ethics, how to be or stay in our bodies powerfully, and what we want to create, that are much more the topics that root themselves in this so called field of sexuality.
    I will both speak frankly and easefully about perversions we all share and the ones we don’t. I will laugh with you about the cultural narratives and expectations that you may be running into. I will most importantly give you permission to explore what is real for you now about your own sexuality and I will help you move to more clarity about what you are creating with the body you have now.

    Using Uzazu helps my clients find themselves, find their beliefs, discover more about how to do relationships with both the inanimate and animate worlds around them. Exploring sexuality is both physical and spiritual, relational and individual, giving and receiving. I offer a space where we can collaborate on enhancing your relationship with your connection with this life and your sexuality inside of that.

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    Khali Young

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Embodied & Meditation Teacher; Enterprise Agile Coach

    New South Wales, Australia
  • HE4uY5i2BlvfwFbBNLob

    Kristin Stevens

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Leadership Consultant, Team Effectiveness - I facilitate team effectiveness interventions for teams using AIIR's Team Effectiveness Survey and methodology. I help teams build trust and psychological safety and communicate more effectively with each other.

    Ohio, United States

    Kristin Stevens is a Team Effectiveness Consultant with a passion for helping leaders and teams create a trusting and psychologically safe environment as the foundation for achieving results. She is certified practitioner of DISC & Motivators, Workplace Big 5, Personalysis, Emotional Intelligence, and the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey. She has worked with hundreds of leaders and teams at all levels to enhance engagement and performance.
    She also leads programming and mentoring for the women's resource group at Nationwide.

    She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation as well as a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) through the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Prior to joining Nationwide, her path included business and career coaching, organizational development and management consulting. She holds a Master’s in International Management from Thunderbird and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

    She has trained in many embodiment modalities, including yoga, polarity therapy, Strozzi somatic coaching, and embodiment coaching through Embodiment Unlimited. She lives in Gahanna with her husband, Jason, and two daughters, Clara (15) and Lauren (13). She enjoys hiking, travel, and delicious food.

  • LXAuFsw6X3NVZ3Y79yCo

    Marina Bondarenko

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    English, Russian

    Marina Y. Bondarenko (Klimova) Born in 1974, Moscow, Russia
    Business trainer, coach, psychologist, physician; certified facilitator in UZAZU and EFC-program, certified facilitator The Samurai Game® and T-Games.
    Profile and experience
    ❖ More than 15 years of experience in creating and facilitating various T&D (training and develop-ment) courses for corporate clients such as ➢ Programs on team building and strategic planning sessions for TOP-managers; ➢ The Samurai Game® self-awareness course based on oriental philosophy and embodiment practices; ➢ Programs on team efficiency increasing; ➢ Trainings on improving employee engagement and creating extraordinary results; ➢ Burnout prevention; ➢ Time management and effective planning burnout prevention.
    ❖ Experienced facilitator of individual training courses for individuals targeted to ➢ Increasing of personal effectiveness, leadership and perersonal growth ➢ long-term healing program for women, ➢ Recovery and building strong relations and partnerships, self-esteem increase and others .
    ❖ First certified specialist in Russia to facilitate The Samurai Game®.
    ❖ Member of the international coaches’ team for certification program "Embodied Facilitator Course" ❖ Successfully facilitated several trainings in China, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Montenegro
    ❖ Carried out more than 50 charitable projects in Russia.
    ❖ Constantly improving the coaching skills, learning various courses and seminars with the best masters worldwide

  • 85c4c77402 Avatar Full

    Marion knox

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    United States

    My UZAZU coaching practice is informed by my professional background in the arts, dance, theater, creative writing and, perhaps oddly, garden design. The question I ask is, how may we best nurture in ourselves and each other the flourishing that is there, now, ready to emerge?

  • CBXbdDPyRhs8RRqC88A8

    Matthew Kelly Roman

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Facilitator, Coach, Modern dance teacher, movement analyst


    I am an embodiment facilitator and coach who spent about 25 years on the stage dancing (modern dance), plus teaching both professional and advance student dancers in various techniques and movement analysis. I have had a life long love of the body. I am always amazed by the richness of knowledge and feelings the body holds about one's self.
    I have also been a trainer for digital education tools.
    I offer 1 on 1 sessions to individuals looking to connect to themselves, discover their body, and find balance and focus in their lives. From spring 2022, I will be offering workshops/group sessions to introduce UZAZU Embodiment Intelligence practice to creative, business, educational groups.

  • C6923219e1 Avatar Full

    Natasha Salvo

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Former UZAZU Curriculum Designer, Instructional Designer, UZAZU Facilitator

    United States

    In 2020-21, I worked to help bring a rigorous approach to the design and development of UZAZU Trainings at all levels. Through this process, we’ve designed a robust curriculum and competency framework for the Basic and Intermediate Professional & Personal learning journeys with UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

    I’m also an Instructional Designer for eLearning for both educational institutions and industry, currently working with Raising Voices, a non-profit with the mission of preventing violence against women and children worldwide, based in Uganda.

    As a certified UZAZU practitioner, I offer support to others in their life journey to become conscious—in an embodied way—about all the structures that hold us back from freely expressing the simplicity of our authentic, true nature. How? By tapping into our innate, childlike sense of curiosity, play, experimentation, and ultimately trust in ourselves, to arrive at a place of ease, joy, and freedom.

    What do you have to “let go of” in order to create space for what wants to come in? What old structures do you need to shed to allow an opening for the abundance that exists within you, without having to “figure it out” and “make it happen?”

    Since June 2020, I've been living on my sailboat with my partner Will, and am a life-long sailor who is Captain of Her Own Ship; a devoted dancer who learned to get “out of my mind and into my body” on the dance floor; a writer of poems, plays, and personal reflection; an actor, a singer, and keyboard explorer; and a lover of the journey of life.

  • 8da6199b24 Avatar Full

    Nivi Dean

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Physical therapist, Yoga teacher, Embodiment coach

    United States

    I have many years of experience as a clinical physical therapist helping thousands of people (one at a time) at some of the lowest points in their lives. I also have long experience of working with and observing multitude of various health care professionals providing care.
    My experiences taught me deep respect for people, for their inner power and resilience. I gained deep appreciation for the innate wisdom that's available to us when we have the conditions to listen and connect to ourselves.
    Each one of us may provide help or need help at different times. We have so much in common. Our structure, our needs, and our truths are very similar. Yet we are each a unique individual with our unique life experiences and history, our beliefs and strategies, our choices, and our unique blind spots.
    As an embodiment coach and a yoga and mindfulness teacher I facilitate clients to connect and listen to their body as a guiding source of truth and wisdom. I utilize the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence frame work to help clients recognize their modes of being and expand their capacity to shift their states with ease and freedom, so that they really have a choice in how to show up in each precious moment of life.

  • B7wcDgy4VC6vJoFFWEHZ

    Reyna Perdomo

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Certified UZAZU EI and Introductory Workshop Facilitator, Embodied Systemic Co-Design Facilitator. Professional Designer, Illustrator. Professional Dancer, Choreographer. Certified Competency and Design Project Coach for Design Students.

    Dutch, English, French, Spanish

    I work on the intersection of embodied presencing, choreographic and visual thinking tools in design co-creation. I facilitate interventions, teach workshops, design experiences, and research, to explore the unknown and the invisible sides of a problem, through the body movement/no movement approach, in combination with design thinking and systems thinking. My background is in interactive multimedia, graphic design/illustration, and dance/choreography. I was trained and worked as Project and Competency Coach for Design students, social design (real life), Industrial Design Department at the TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I developed extracurricular assignments for the application of the language of the dancing body, improvisation and movement awareness, into the design research process. I’m a Certified GyrokinesisⓇ Teacher Trainer, which is a movement method that combines principles of Yoga, Dance, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kun, acupressure, and swimming. I’m a Vipassana Meditation practitioner and I’m following on the practice of Dhamma Art and the Social Presencing Theater, from the Presencing Institute. Alumnae from the Fall2020 Online Course "The Systems View of Life" from Fritjof Capra.
    I have a strong belief in inner intuition, movement, and embodied awareness/interaction, as vital sources for creativity, wellbeing, and change.
    I want to contribute to the awareness of embodiment into research, education, creation, science, technology and business practices, and I believe that UZAZU, is a State of the Art tool to reach this goal.

  • Fb5058701f Avatar Full

    Roxana Avadanei

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Founder of Ikigai Dojo

    Bucharest, Romania
    English, Romanian

    After 14 years of marketing and communication experience (as an employee, freelancer and entrepreneur), in 2019 I had a turning point and went back to myself, my values and life purpose.

    I launched Ikigai Dojo, and started to help people come closer to themselves, their true potential, life purpose and joy of living through psychology and embodiment practices. Ikigai is the Japanese concept that means "a reason for being", "a meaning for life", "the reason you get up in the morning".

    The programs I'm currently working on are Find your Ikigai (purpose), Have no fear, Embodiment Romania and Embodiment Circle for Recovering Perfectionists — from Inner Critic to Self-Love.

    My background is in sociology-psychology, integrative psychotherapy, and Ki-Aikido.

  • NbKPw58RKlyZJu9rpMJd

    Sadhan Els Vandewalle

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Art and Movement Facilitator

    West Flanders, Belgium
    Dutch, English, French, German

    Ever since I was a child, the realm of the unseen, of the Mystery has fascinated me. Magic, alchemy, the ethereal and spiritual realms inspire and continue to guide me on my mission here on Earth. In working with movement, art, sound and the natural elements, there are infinite doorways and windows to the Soul and it's blueprint.
    From various paths in life, like the business and hotel sector, kundalini yoga and mantra practitioner, sisterhood and women's retreats, postnatal care and rebozo work, to visionary art and my own personal struggles and victories in life, I have picked up tools and gathered them all in my pocket or cocoon.
    Now with UZAZU as guide and treasure map, they are coming together to aid others in their journey and butterfly around.
    Theme's as sovereignty, empowerment, transformation, transition, vibrating your unique frequency and voice, enlivening your creative flow, role adaptation, plus-motherhood, fertility, burn-out and bore-out, auto-immune and chronic diseases, intimacy and sexuality, grief and loss are familiar to me but I also love to keep an open horizon to the unfamiliar.
    My approach is gentle, warm and often voiced as soothing, restorative, watery.
    I truly believe each and every one of us here is needed and called on Earth to fulfill their own individual mission within the Collective mission and it will be my honour to walk with you along your path.

  • XyVrRygd347bupKLwDpj

    Salima McKnight

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Certified UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Practitioner, Gardener

    United Kingdom

    Hello! I'm Salima. I guide you to listen to your own senses to help bring you home to yourself. Together we will bring in what you need, to bring you into balance, so you can live a more fulfilled,j joyous and true to yourself life.

  • P42tgEbRpLWZAfgw4Ktg

    ‪Shiri Ben-Arzi

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Health, Medical and Caregiver Coach


    I am a Medical, Health, and Life Coach.
    I help people affected by a health or medical crisis rebuild their resilience and regain quality of life.
    I also support family caregivers and healthcare practitioners through their caring journey and challenges.

    I trained in these additional modalities:
    * NLP (with a specialty in health and trauma)
    * AD(H)D coaching
    * End of Live Coaching
    * TimeLine Therapy
    * EFT
    * ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics)
    * AMT (Advanced Motion Technique)

    I am the Founder of MCI (Medical Coaching Institute - https://medical-coaching-institute.com/), and I bring with me 15 years of professional and personal experience in this field.

  • NPHNoj7wYRvpHDqxnBkx

    Stephany Dano

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Coach/ Compassionate Inquiry (trauma) practitioner- Embodiment Facilitator

    English, French, Spanish

    Worked focused on "helping the helpers": Either you're a personal development practitioner, in a leadership position or a mum in transition, I offer the opportunity to work as deep as needed to find your own version of Leadership in life and in intimate relationships. I work with 1-1 individuals, in-company coaching and somatic facilitation (stress management, change management and team building). Coming from physical symptoms in my 20s, I am also specialized in getting to the root of IBS, Ulcers and Anxiety issues. I also help highly sensitive people and multipotentialites being aware of their gift and move it from burden to deliberate skill.

  • 3a8083726e Avatar Full

    Susan Belli

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Embodied Leadership and Life Coach

    United States

    I am a Certified Embodied Leadership Coach, Life Coach and Facilitator. I also volunteer for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Response Crisis Center.  I am passionate about helping to create magnificent transformation, and about co creating with the expansive emotional landscape. I incorporate mind, body, heart and spirit into the coaching relationship, and I am a fierce, loving embodied presence.

  • C5a692c3fb Avatar Full

    Susanna Holowati

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Embodied Change Facilitator, Coach, Trainer

    Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

    Hello impact-seeker!

    I'm Susanna Holowati, your change facilitator!
    Let me guess: you're a wholehearted professional with values, ideas and you want to make this work/world a better place. Easy? Clear? Not always...

    Using embodiment and leadership practices I help self-starters like you to grow beyond brainy boxes: being mind-/body- and impactful in life and at work.

    As certified Embodied Facilitator and UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Practitioner I bring together +7 years as a project manager in international education and media organisations, +8 years as a trainer, and +15 years of embodied practices. As a passionate dancer I also teach contact improvisation to groups.

    Based in Freiburg, Germany near France and Switzerland I work with change-makers all over Europe.

    Working with me in person or online you can safely express yourself without a filter, be curious, brave and grow. Going way beyond the theory, my embodied methods like UZAZU will help you shift your attitude towards challenges and develop a new skill-set for the long run. You'll tune into your mind and body to practice and integrate new ways of feeling, being and acting.

    Are you ready to bring positive change to the world?

  • 062dd98fb3 Avatar Full

    Susan Bensen

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner
    • Introductory Workshop Facilitator

    Certified Sound, Voice and Energy Healer. Certified Uzazu Facilitator. Classical Music Director and program host for Montana Public Radio.

    United States

    I have practiced various types of sound and energy healing for the last thirty years, and have learned healing voice principles and practices with an array of teachers - Pat Moffitt Cook, Jill Purce, Chloe Goodchild and Silvia Nakkach. I studied Polarity Therapy and sound healing with John Beaulieu, and Body Talk as well. I am also a Reiki Master, and a certified Naked Voice facilitator (with Chloe Goodchild). My various trainings have also included spiritual work with Craig Hamilton, Jeff Carreira and Thomas Hubl, which has significantly informed both my personal and healing work. As a certified Uzazu facilitator, I now integrate this powerful work with my healing voice and transformation practice, including principles of energy systems, awareness, consciousness and nonduality.

    I have been Morning Classics Music Director and program host with Montana Public Radio for many years. I program the weekday classical program on the station and host two days a week. I also worked, many years ago now, for HBO as a music producer for on-air promotion. I have a B.A. in music, having been a violinist and singer.

  • Y4slmWaZPN8zDn9ywhp8

    Yvonne Cuneo

    • Certified UZAZU Practitioner

    Moray, United Kingdom

    I have an eclectic toolbox from my 22 years living and working in the Education Team of the Findhorn Foundation & Community - Game of Transformation Facilitator, Sacred Circle Dance Teacher, Discovery Games Facilitator, Attunement and meditation guide, Creative Writer, Holder of Space. Experienced Events Organiser, Public Speaker, Shaman in training...and now UZAZU Practitioner.