Private Coaching with Dylan Newcomb

Whether you're new, or are looking to return to do some more sessions  together—here are your various options...

Here's what you get with any/all of Dylan's Coaching Packages:

  • 75-minute Private Sessions with Dylan Newcomb via Zoom Video. These session are typically weekly (recommended), but can also be bi-weekly.
  • Optional Recordings of each session directly to your laptop or desktop computer so you can review it again later.
  • Dylan gives Embodied Homework Practices & Application Recommendations towards the end of most every session, so you have a practical and empowering way to keep integrating the states and pattern-shifts you're working on.
  • Access to the Full version of both the Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment, and the Emotion States Self-Assessment where you see a more full results view, you can review your assessment with Dylan, and you can compare multiple assessment results over time.
  • Access to online (confidential) Pre & Post Session Reflection Forms, that are read by Dylan and later discussed together, to optimize your learning & integration feedback loops.
  • Chat support from Dylan between sessions, to help you move through any questions or 'process snags' you may have.
  • Access to the 6-hour Foundations of Embodied Intelligence Online Training (the recorded version of the this embodiment training for personal use), if you don't already have it, so you can learn & practice all the basis Postures and States of UZAZU. This significantly compliments the 1-1 work you do with Dylan, by saving you time to not have to learn the basics live in person, during your sessions, and in given you clear practice videos to work with in between and after your sessions.

Choose the Package and Payment Plan that's Right for You...

Small Package


For Returning Clients Only.

This Quarter Package of 3 sessions is good for when you want to return and work on a specific issue, over the course of 1-2 months. (Not for 1st time clients)

1 Payment of:


or 3 Monthly Payments of:


Medium Package


This Half Package of 6 sessions allows us to work on a variety of issues and and make some good progress on them. You can spread these sessions out as you like, within 1 year.

1 Payment of:


or 3 Monthly Payments of:


Full Package


This Full Package of 12 sessions allows us to work over a longer time, (generally 3-9 months) and make significant progress across multiple areas.

(Recommended, for first-time Clients)

1 Payment of:


or 5 Monthly Payments of:


Frequently Asked Questions about these Private Sessions:

If I order one of these Private Coaching Packages now, do I have to use it immediately, or can I wait a bit?

Is there a recommended frequency for these sessions?

How are these Private Coaching Sessions structured?

If I'm not sure yet if this is the right fit for my situation, can I talk with you about it?

I look forward to further supporting you on your Journey...

Let me know if you have any questions about how we can best work together, and when/if/how that would be a good fit for you. And feel free to schedule a time to chat if you're very interested, but not quite sure yet.

Yours in embodied ease and flow,

Dylan Newcomb

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