UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioners

About this Directory of Practitioners

This directory of UZAZU Certified Practitioners—who have each been trained, reviewed and certified by UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb and Co-Trainer Deb Grant LCSW, RSMT—is provided as a service to those interested in receiving coaching or therapy sessions utilizing an UZAZU Embodied Intelligence based approach. The practitioners listed here come from a variety of backgrounds with different levels of previous training and experience.

On Contacting a Practitioner

All practitioners in this directory have demonstrated skill in working with clients using UZAZU Embodied Intelligence. We encourage you to select and reach out to one that seems a potentially good fit for your current needs & desires. Each practitioner will have their own session and pricing structure, based on their experience, location, etc. Also, they are each able, when you give them permission, to review your UZAZU Self-Assessment with you and bring that source of information & perspective into any work you may do together.


UZAZU Embodied Intelligence does not supervise the ongoing work of those who have completed the training, nor are we necessarily familiar with other modalities that these practitioners bring to their work.

By using this directory, you agree that UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, Dylan Newcomb and/or Deb Grant shall hold no liability for any action of the practitioner you choose nor for the effectiveness of the services you receive.

Privacy Statement

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence requests that the email addresses of practitioners listed in the directory be used for personal contact or professional purposes only, such as to receive therapy or to make a referral. It is prohibited to send individual or group emails to Certified UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Practitioners for any other purpose.