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The UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment

Discover how your own unique, embodied patterns of balance & imbalance are affecting you in your life right now.

Once you've completed and submitted your assessment, you’ll receive instant access to a detailed, customized map of your own embodied response patterns, with on-page & follow-up support information on how to gain actionable insight from them, and next steps you can take to more easefully & optimally thrive in your life.

With each of the following items, ask yourself: 
How frequently is this statement true about me, at this period in my life?”

In some cases, you may find that how frequently a certain statement is true for you differs, depending on which context or situation you’re in (at home, at work, around your parents, etc.). In that case, just go with the average frequency across all areas of your life, within a given week or two. 

For more accurate results, please take the whole assessment in one sitting—it typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • None of the information you share in this assessment will be shared with any third party and will all be kept strictly confidential. (Further details about UZAZU's privacy policy at the bottom of this page.) Neither will anyone from UZAZU review your responses—without an explicit invitation from you to do so.

    We may anonymize and analyze your results, in an aggregated manner, to support our ongoing embodiment research and further improve these assessments.

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